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  • APA (5.2%)

    Latest iteration of our APA series

    Dry hopped with Vic Secret, Citra and Mosaic

    Citrus, magic rainforest juice waterfall

    Highly aromatic, lawn mowingly good. 

  • ERO II (7.5%)

    ERO II is a blend of five of our oldest barrels (1-1.5 year old wine barrel aged saisons)

    Fruited with generous amounts of Montmorency sour cherries and Ontario sea buckthorn berries

    Tastes Like: sour cherry pet-nat, coconut dreams, tangerine pineapple pie, the good stuff 

    ~2500 x 375ml bottles produced, packaged in May 2017, components of this bear are already 2 years old 

  • IPA (6.3%)

    An aromatic juice fest hopped with Citra, Vic Secret, & Ella

    Pungent aromas of tropical fruit, mandarine oranges + honey dew melons.

    Not a typical over the top extra-bitter IPA, focus is on aromatics. 

  • ORIA Blackberry (5.9%)

    Sour Brett Saison w Blackberries

    Bottle conditioned with brett.

    Suspiciously refreshing, drinks like sparkling 5-alive

    Bottled July 2017

    ~900 x 750ml bottles produced

  • ORIA Guava (6.1%)

    Sour Brett Saison w Guava

    Bottle conditioned with brett.

    Drinks like funky guava juice 

    Packaged August 2017

    ~2500 x 375ml bottles produced

  • ORIA Sweet Cherry (5.3%)

    Sour Brett Saison w Sweet Cherries

    Bottle conditioned with brett.

    Drinks like Cherry Spritzer

    ~1200 x 375ml bottles produced

    Packaged Sept 2017

  • Té (4.4%)

    Dry-hopped aggressively with Vic Secret.

    Drinks like freshly squeeze mandarine orange juice with lemon squeeze

    Like our IPAs, very low bitterness, very large aroma. 

  • Tuesday D-1 (6.2%)

    Tuesday is a new evolving series through which we explore different saison yeast strains! 

    This version with a North American saison saccharomyces & some Ontario isolated brettanomyces

    Bottle Conditioned 4 + months 

    Classic Belgio/Franco style saison

  • Tuesday E-1 (5.2%)

    Tuesday is a new evolving series through which we explore different saison yeast strains! 

    This version with New World Saison Blend from Escarpment labs

    Bottle Conditioned 6+ months !!!

    Classic farmhouse-esq style saison: pineapple + funk

    Think baby-brett farmhouse, similar to our Dirty Saison. 

  • Vermont Blond Ale (4.7%)

    Subtly hopped with Citra

    Our "gateway" to craft-beer beer 

    So refreshing, hint of distant lemon blossoms

    Drink fresh fresh!

  • West Coast Pilsner Can (5.1%)

    Traditional European Pilsner with a West Coast hops twist.

    Pilsner body. Hoppy nose of lemon and pine.

    Blonde colour. Nice bite. Crisp, citrusy flavour.

    355ml cans while they last!