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  • AUKO (9.1%)

    Sour Dark Ale aged 1 year in Cab Franc barrels with Raspberries, Sour Cherries and Cab Franc skins

    mixed fermentation (multi-barrel)  soured w/ lacto and pedio (the wildest way to sour).

    Punches in at 9.1% abv but drinks like a charismatic tart cherry cola and is a delightful (dangerous) holiday beverage.

    Bottle conditioned for 5 months before release

  • IPA (6.3%)

    An aromatic juice fest hopped with Citra, Vic Secret, & Ella

    Pungent aromas of tropical fruit, mandarine oranges + honey dew melons.

    Not a typical over the top extra-bitter IPA, focus is on aromatics. 

  • JULY (6.1%)

    Bottle conditioned classic (clean) style saison 

    Aged 6 months prior to release (6+ whole months!)

    Great natural carbonation, beautiful clove saison character

    Very easy drinking 

  • LongTé (6.4%)

    Dry-hopped Sour Brett Ale

    Bottle conditioned for 12 months before release

    Brewed as an experiment to test the interactions between hops & brettanomyces

    Really funky, Tart, deep rich fruit. 

  • NULA Salt (5.5%)

    NE Style Tart Pale Ale w a pinch of salt

    Generously dry-hopped with Mosaic

    Hazy and slightly tart, really nice balanced acidity, refreshing minerality  

    Less sour than Té but more tart than our APAs and IPAs!

  • Té (4.4%)

    Dry-hopped aggressively with Vic Secret.

    Drinks like freshly squeeze mandarine orange juice with lemon squeeze

    Like our IPAs, very low bitterness, very large aroma. 

  • Vermont Blond Ale (4.7%)

    Subtly hopped with Citra

    Our "gateway" to craft-beer beer 

    So refreshing, hint of distant lemon blossoms

    Drink fresh fresh!