Our bottle shop entrance is around the corner on Pauline Street. Open 11am-11pm every day.

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  • 416 LOKO (9.1%)

    This Imperial Stout is 9.1% abv and ~8% CBV (coffe by volume).

    Brewed in collaboration with our friends at  Cut Coffee who helped us select a perfect bean and roast to blend in.

    Notes of dark fruits, fresh chocolate cookies, and gucci coffee. Be careful with this one!

  • Dark Saison (6.5%)

    Rich dark flavours, chocolate, coffee & tobacco coupled with notes of dark fruit, plums, dates.

    Bottle Conditioned in December 2016

    It's dark, fruity & roasty - what more can you ask for? 

  • Session Saison (4.5%)

    This is the first time we've bottle conditioned Session Saison

    Fermented with new Saison yeast from Escarpment Labs

    Fresh, easy drinking, delicious, highly crushable

    Classic saison notes, spice, clove, fresh straw

  • Table Beer (3.2%)

    3.2% Saison perfect for throwing down on the table at the beginning of a meal

    Bottle conditioned to 4 volumes C02, it's like baby-bubbly. 

    Notes of lemon, clove, & classic saison

  • Té (4.3%)

    Second version of this dry-hopped sour beer!

    Dry-hopped aggressively with Idaho 7 & Simcoe

    Drinks like freshly squeeze mandarine orange juice with lemon squeeze

    Hazier + juicier than our first version

    Like our IPAs, very low bitterness, very large aroma. 

  • Vermont Blond Ale (4.5%)

    Clean, crisp, easy drinking Ale

    Lightly hopped with Citra and fermented with Vermont Ale yeast

    Our "gateway" to craft-beer beer 

    Subtle fruitiness and grapefruit finish

    Drink fresh fresh!


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